I love God. I don’t really understand why he would choose to love me, but I’m thankful that he does. Thursday night was a great one. The Gamecocks won :P, and We had an awesome encounter with God at Trifecta that night. I felt a renewing of my own spirit through His Spirit. I can’t understand why he loves me, still, but I cant believe how much he has done for me. 

Last night I had work from 6 to about 10:20. It went relatively horribly for the first hour, then everything smoothed out. Working as a server is no joke; people can be downright rude. I had a friend come in from church and he tipped me unreasonably well (Thanks Geoffrey!). Anyway, I found myself multiple times asking for God’s help to keep me sane during that shift. I love how he surprises me by making things better when i least expect it.

And today, I go into work @ 4. I’m ready for God to use me…to do something new in my life, and for some reason I feel this may stem from work. I encounter too many people there to not make a difference in someone’s life for Christ.

For those of you reading this, thanks. And may God bless you and your endeavors today.