No Sleeps!

Well hey y’all. It’s a new day. I got like, 5 hours of sleep last night. Shoulda went to sleep. Anyway, lately I am having trouble finding a good time to read my bible. Yeah, I know I should read it, and I try to every day. Some days I just can’t get it together and make that time. That sounds really selfish of me on paper, but I just can’t get it together. I am currently in the middle of this year-long bible reading plan. Its chronological, and has taken me WAY longer than a year. Bible reading has to be my second biggest struggle as a disciple of Christ. My first is prayer. I don’t do it enough. I don’t tend to talk to God as if he is my best friend. I feel like all that is because of guilt. I feel like God is unapproachable when I am guilty of sin. I know, I know…God’s grace covers me. I’m saved by the blood. However, I still can’t figure out how not to feel like I can’t talk to God. Any help there?

Anyway, I may make another blog post today, we shall see.


Tanner Baker


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