First Blog!

A quite old picture of me, taken in December of last year.

I’m quite new at this blogging thing, so bear with me.

In case you don’t know me, my name is Tanner Kevin Baker. I live with my parents and two sisters. I commute to Winthrop University, where I am working to receive a business administration degree with an emphasis in computer information systems. I am not a Christian, as that title brings a more hypocritical connotation in today’s world, but a disciple of Jesus Christ. I aim to live for Him and also through Him. I am not of this world. I don’t need to live for this world either. It is a temporary home as I wait for my home in Heaven. God has called me to be the best man of God that I can be. I have many, many flaws, flaws that God shouldn’t have forgave me for. But he did. And for that I have no words to describe my gratefulness.

My Testimony:

I was saved at a relatively young age; I believe I was 6. Through my elementary school years I was about as involved with Christ as a elementary school kid could get. When middle school hit, I was fully immersed in Christ. I felt invincible to the devil’s attacks. I didn’t see him coming, either. Various influences from various kids bit hard, and God became a bit distant. High school was the same, but I matured in a better, fought-for relationship with Christ. Now that I’m in college, I find myself in debates with nonbelievers, and normally do quite well.

I love God, and try my best to serve him, but I constantly fall short. I know he loves me, but why should he? I mean, I know there are better people in this world than me.

I pray that you are encouraged by my short synopsis of my life. I will continue to post on this blog as I see fit, and with what God gives me to say.


-Tanner Baker


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